Drift King of RTRiga
The Drift King of RTRiga is a virtual drifting competition organized by the Latvian community known as Racing Team Riga. This event serves as a platform for drift enthusiasts to showcase their skills and compete in a thrilling virtual drift cup. The inaugural season commenced on April 30, 2023, marking the beginning of a series of exhilarating competitions.

Currently, the competition is exclusive to drivers from Latvia, allowing local drifters to engage in friendly rivalry and demonstrate their drifting prowess within their community. However, the organizers have ambitious plans for the future. As time progresses, they intend to expand the scope of the Drift King of RTRiga competition, opening its doors to a broader and more diverse audience beyond Latvia.

To stay informed and not miss out on the opportunity to participate, interested individuals are encouraged to follow Racing Team Riga's social media accounts. This will provide them with updates, announcements, and details about upcoming competitions, ensuring they remain connected to the dynamic world of virtual drifting and the chance to become the next Drift King of RTRiga.