GTA 4 - East island fun Probably one of the best city in video game history, now drivable on assetto corsa! This is a project i started last year but couldnt find the patience to finish, but now its finaly time to share it with the world. The map itself if far to big for the assetto corsa game engine and might cause major performance issue in multiplayer or for low spec systems. You can help that by reducing de render distance (distance at wich the objects disappears), by lowering the value LOD_OUT insinde of the ext_config file (assettocorsa\content\tracks\gta4\extension) You will find that the original road surfaces can be very bumby at some places, this is due to the road meshes being very low poly compare to what AC requires. This is why i have completly rebuild the entire road network to greatly improve the driving experience at the cost of a few visuals bugs. (for patreons only) ​ Like (0) Dislike (0)
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