Drift Mansion (PAID MOD) fun THIS IS A PAID MOD! This extremely detailed map is now available so the world can experience the Drift Mansion virtually! The $2 cost of the map will help us to maintain the track in real life and we truly appreciate your support. The guys at Grip Royal worked hard to create one heck of an experience with the “Welcome to the Drift Mansion” first invitational drift event and then paired up with Jokah Designs to recreate that experience for YOU! This map features the recently repaved and expanded Drift Mansion in a “free roam” option as well as all of the track layouts from the invitational event hosted by Grip Royal. You have the option to select from these variations and we hope to see all of them being put to use online and on your sim rig! !!THIS MAP FILE INCLUDES NINE (9) DIFFERENT LAYOUTS!! Night lighting is spot on and mimics the truly captivating essence of the Drift Mansion in reality. Jokah made sure you’re able to try the track wet if you prefer drifting in the rain as well! So many fine details have been recreated with Jokah’s skills, so be sure to take some time and truly explore the entirety of the map! You may even find some hidden gems if you really hunt! This map could never have became a reality without the help of so many so be sure to show these folks some love! Grip Royal: https://www.instagram.com/griproyal/ Jokah Designs: https://www.instagram.com/jokah.design/ Kansei Wheels: https://www.instagram.com/kanseiwheels/ ————————————————————- Join our online Discord channel to discuss the sim map and review real-life drift event footage! JOIN THE DISCORD: https://discord.gg/9DCJERgrNm Like (2) Dislike (0)
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