Bikernieki #NewStyle competitive Discover the captivating #newstyle configuration at the Biķernieki circuit, a hidden treasure beyond the world-famous FD setup. While the FD configuration holds its fame, there's another side to Biķernieki that's waiting to be explored. The #newstyle layout officially debuted at the 2022 Baltic Drift opening event and returned for an encore in 2023. Notably, this configuration was also brought to life in the virtual realm of Assetto Corsa for the inaugural Drift King of RTRiga virtual drift cup in 2023. As a gift to the drift community, we're offering you to experience the #newstyle configuration firsthand in your preferred simulator. Whether you're new to drifting or a seasoned expert, we invite you to take on the challenge, enhance your skills, and experience the thrill of the track. We appreciate your company on this exciting journey to uncover the hidden gem of the Biķernieki circuit. Get ready to embrace the excitement, push your limits, and create unforgettable drifting moments. See you out there on the track! Original Bikernieki track (base) made by - Martinsh (RaceDepartment) Edited for drift leyout by - Jeck Cliffe Like (1) Dislike (0)
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