ESDA Announce The NEW 2024 Season Entry Format!

We are really excited to finally announce our plans for a new way to enter the ESDA 2024 season of drift competition, watch this promo video first, then let's delve into some more details together! 


Going into the 2024 Season. Pro License will go away and everything will reset. This is to give a better opportunity for all drivers to earn into ESDA. Below will explain the format of how to get into the ESDA World League.


All regions will have qualifier events or leagues where drivers can compete. These events must be partnered with VOSAN or long partnership with ESDA to show that the event has Integrity. For events that’s not listed that want to be eligible. The following below must be meet:

1. Name of the event and date 

2. Course or section of track

3. Restrictions Vehicle info, Eligible cars

4. Competition sign up form with driver locations

5. Bracket Size 

6. Rewards if any

7. Judges are not allowed to compete

8. Proof of tournaments in the past ran successful

Nothing will change in how an organizer runs their events. With that said all drivers must comply with that event rules, cars/ car pack, and etc.


Drivers must compete in the partnered events to earn points to be eligible to get into ESDA. Drivers are allowed to compete in any region to gain points. All drivers will be separated on a leaderboard based on their region. Top 10 to 15 from each region will be eligible to earn a spot into the world league. Below is the region's breakdown.

North America (Top 15)

EMEA (Europe Middle East) (Top 15)

APAC-Asia,AUS,NZ (Top 10)

South America (Top 10)

Total of 50 drivers.

Points Format:

1st: 50

2nd: 40

3rd: 30

4th: 25

5th-8th: 20

9th-16th: 15

17th-32nd: 10

Total average will calculate the total points to help balance amount of rouud some comps have as some have more than 4 or 5 rounds during the period.

Driver calculates 200 points in a 8 round season. 100 divided by 8= 25 pts total

Driver caculates 100 in a 4 round season= 100 divided by 4= 25 pts total

Events from the start and end periods will count. Meaning Events from June 1st to March 31st will count.

Tier Ranking
200= Drift Master/ Drift King

100-149= Pro 1

50-99= Pro 2

25-49= Pro Am

0-24= Grassroots

Full Standings:

ESDA 2023 World League Standings

Eligibility to earn in the world league

If placed in the top 10-15 of that respected region. Eligibility will go based off 3 key subjects

  1. Driver performance- Events Results and Placements

  2. Attendance- Showing up for events

  3. Attitude- Keep a clean record of professionalism in all partnered events


If a driver from that region declines or is not able to attend the ESDA World League. The next driver on the list in that region will be eligible to compete.

Each Season:

At the end of each season. All drivers will be reset and have to earn their way in for the next year. This is to give a better opportunity for all drivers to earn into the ESDA World League..

Drop Outs:

If a driver drops out mid season of the ESDA World League. That driver will not be eligible to compete the next season.

Alternate Accounts:

Drivers caught using another driver name or different name will result in a ban.

List of Region Events

North America:

Esports Drift Association (Only for 2023, will be removed for 2024)

Shadow Realm Drift Series (Open)

Virtual Drift Series (Open)

Cosmos Drift Championship(Open)

Drift Corner Grand Prix (Open)

AC Drift France (Open)

Romanian Virtual Drift Championship (Open)

Bitlook (Open)

Finnish Drift Championship (Nordic Region)

South America:
Elite Drift Nations (Open)

Dorifto Brazil (Open)

Esports Drift X (Open)


E-Drift Masters Japan 

Indonesia Digital Drift Series (Indonesia Only)

International Digital Drift Series (Open)

Indonesian Digital Drift Series Live (In Person event)

Confusa Sim (APAC Only)


We hope this excites you all as much as it excites us! We wisdh to bring more unity to the space, helping and supporting fellow event organizers and drivers from all around the world. 

- ESDA Team

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