BMW 325i E30 Coupe GatilKuala (V1.0) Tested In 0.1.80-preview218 Encryption : Yes EXTRAS; Extra A = Interıor lights Extra B = Parking lights Extra C = Fog lights To use these Features, through Content Manager, Settings-> Controls -> Patch -> ” Extra Option A, B, C ” You need to set the keys. Also, the car’s signals and wipers work smoothly. Important! Requires Latest Custom Shader Patch Version ! Nothing will work if you are not using CSP! Recommended versions (0.1.80-preview218) If you want to play looking good, use pure, not sol. Credits; By edited: GatilKuala Helpers: Yiğit Altunsoy (Numiez Gang Garage) , Erhanzen (Zenpower) Base: GMP (Gentle Mind Performance) Sound: SCIBSound Like (3) Dislike (0)
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