WDTS Serebrito Edition Another "remake" of legendary WDTS car pack nobody asked for... This time around with brand new physics (made by me), rearranged suspension and rainFX. Models are still mostly the same (good for performance, maybe no so much for visuals). And that's said, full skin compatibility with original WDTS cars. Pack includes 2 set of tires: "Train" - heat component excluded, that allowed for better tire pressure control (less pressure - more grip) and brings consistent amount of grip pretty much all the time. "Pain" - more or less realistic tire model. (heat component in place, so grip level goes down as temperature rises) Sincerely I don't think anybody gonna run this cars, so treat it more like a physics teaser for my upcoming car pack (not soon!). Enjoy! Like (0) Dislike (0)
NISSAN: 180SX 13 14 15 R32 HR34 C33 TOYOTA: CRESTA CHASER AE86 SOARER Share this Car Pack Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by Serebrito Published on 05 Jun 2024
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