SRDL Pro Drift Pack UPDATE 6/1/2024 (CLEAN INSTALL) SRDL PRO PACK v1.5: -Updated to newest ESDA Physics as of 6/1/2024 to be ESDA legal -Updated to ESDA legal G-Lights -Different engines in multiple cars [check description of cars] -Couple new and edited engine sounds -S13 has received a full model update -S14 is now LHD -Updated alignments -Overall cleanup of files and models UPDATE 4/10/2024 Updates: -Added an extra degree of toe to all vehicles. -Setup.ini's have been updated -Updated/Optimized Skins -Suspension/Physics changes to a few cars [GR86, R34, GT86] -Ability to remove wing on FC RX7 -Fixed neons to better match livery -Few model updates -S14 model has been updated to legal specs -AO map on 180sx has been fixed shadowrealmdrift is proud to present the shadowrealm Drift League PRO car pack in collaboration with ESDA! 22 cars - 1100hp List: E36 E46 M2 Eurofighter M3 Eurofighter ATS V C6 C7 s650 RCF RX7 FC 180sx 370Z 400Z S13 S14 S15 R34 Corolla GR86 GT86 A90 A80 Creators: SickShadows - 02bluehawk Skins: SlayJ Physics/Tire Model: ESDA ESDA legal cars Come find us at Like (4) Dislike (0)
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