shadowrealm ProAM Car Pack Shadowrealm.GG is proud to present the ShadowRealm Drift League PRO AM car pack. Made by a collaboration between 02bluehawk, Rayner von der Lampe, Nonna, and skins by SlayJ. These cars were made with the 2023 Formula Drift ProSpec IRL drifting series rules in mind. Designed to bridge the gap between street drift cars and pro level drift cars. All of the cars use; a spec 255/30/18 rear tire, 65-70* of maximum steering angle, realistic suspension designs, 550-650whp, and a wide range of adjustability in the set-up menu. CSP version 0.1.78 or higher. Featuring. BMW E36 BMW E46 Chevy C6 Corvette Ford Fox body Mustang Ford SN95 Mustang Mazda FD RX7 Nissan 180sx Nissan 350z Nissan Onevia Nissan Sileighty Nissan Silvia S14 Nissan R32 Skyline Toyota Supra MKIV Join the ShadowRealm discord for weekly competitions. ShadowRealm Partners: Vosan, ESDA, Advanced Sim Racing, 425 Motorsports, and DHP Like (0) Dislike (0)
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