Sekia Hills fun Something we've been needing for some time a project that we're proud of and are excited to bring further with better textures and models throughout the map it wasn't the plan to release this so early for the public but yesterday we received a generous contribution from one of our Patrons to release this early publicly in its current state i think we can say we all thank you sir! :) For us, Sekia Hills wasn't just a track.. it was the catalyst for our passion for drifting. Most of us now in our late 20s vividly remember immersing ourselves in Video Option dvd's or early youtube uploads of this drift haven, captivated by the raw skill and style that unfolded at Sekia Hills. Those videos really showed a lot of us what drifting was and how it should be done how the cars should look ect. While the track appeared to be the hotspot for drifting in Japan back then in 2012, Sekia Hills underwent a transformation that left the drifting community broken.. The once-thriving track for drivers succumbed to "progress" and became a solar farm, forever altering the landscape of Japanese drifting history. Motivated by a deep sense of nostalgia and a desire to preserve the essence of Sekia Hills, we embarked on the journey to recreate this iconic track for Assetto Corsa. Utilizing lidar data and help with extra footage and photos not found online but from friends to get things done as well as we can, every curve of the track has been meticulously gone over to ensure an authentic virtual experience. **any further updates will be found on our Patreon until the track is fully completed!** Like (2) Dislike (0)
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