Lindauring winter and summer fun fun Step into the adrenaline-charged realm of the LindauRing Circuit, a meticulously crafted 1-kilometer track in Slovenia. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a laid-back casual racer, your enthusiastic support propels us toward our racing aspirations. Dive into LindauRing's dynamic offerings, ranging from high-stakes professional races to leisurely trackdays and pulse-pounding online experiences. The circuit's unique winter variant adds a frosty twist, injecting icy excitement into your virtual racing adventures. Relive every heart-pounding moment with fully functional replays, allowing you to savor and share the highlights of your races. Stay connected and up-to-date by following me on YouTube @BoskeP for the latest updates and exclusive content. Join our vibrant community, where you can share your passion for simracing and contribute to the continued growth of LindauRing. Our dream thrives on your support. Consider contributing to our journey by visiting Every contribution keeps the dream alive and fuels our commitment to delivering an exceptional simracing experience. Thank you for being an integral part of our thrilling journey at BoskeP Simracing! Like (1) Dislike (0)
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