Fumi Nissan 200SX Tanguy Cryms 23' Version: 1.4 replica car of Tanguy Cryms S13 DISCLAIMER: this is my version of tanguy's s13. it is not meant to be an exact replica but it looks and drives well -------------- CAR SPECS -------------- SR20DET Turbo 400HP 490Nm --------- CREDITS --------- aesthetics from the Cryms S13 2021 + at the Zeknova Day 2020 AND Next Level 2023 Shader help by Cryms & friends 3D CAR = based from the nissan 200SX cryms 3D RIMS = REAR rims from IRT SUPRA , Cryms E36 , CS S14 LITTERAL PHYSICS = 180SX WDTS /Base suspension setup by cryms DWG V2 tyres Like (1) Dislike (0)
400HP STREET DRIFT FUMI REPLICA Share this Individual Car Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by Fumi_Drift Published on 25 Dec 2023
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