AiO.v2 Gravy Garage Pack Cars should feel 1:1 like originals but with options for newer and other car packs within the game. no switching cars needed just go to setup and switch out physics/tires/engines all in the Tyre Menu. - 5 Physics Options Available in Setup Menu - VDC - Deathwish Garage - Gravy Garage - WDTS - Excite! - Front and Rear options to allow mixing and matching of physics - 3 Engine Tunes - WDT - Gravy (Default HP) - VDC 8 Transmission options for your choice of how you want the car to pull Learned a LOT since the Last AiO Pack. After the release I Noticed People Really wanted the cars to feel like the originals so here we are, hope you enjoy! My Fav Setup So Far Has been Gravy Front/DWG Rear on DWG STSP Tires w/ Gravy HP. Like (2) Dislike (0)
THE WHOLE GRAVY PACK PLUS 350Z AND BEATER E36 ONLY CAR NOT DONE IS TYE 2023 Share this Car Pack Facebook Twitter VK Reddit Created by Podcast Primate Published on 05 Sep 2023
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